Friday, January 2, 2009

wide awake- erwin mcmanus

 "there is a hero within you waiting to be awakened."

buzz buzz buzz. you hear the annoyance of your alarm sounding. the first thought; five more minutes. your feet hit the cold floor and you're looking at the next day. what are you going to do today? why have you woken up yet again? what does this day hold for me? am i going to catch up on this seasons tv show heros, go make some lattes at my job at starbucks, take a nap, or am i going to chose to live today different? will i chose to live today for God? "will you dare to dig deeps and discover the incredible potential lying dormant within you?'- mcmanus

everyone has a calling. do we all follow the plan and purpose God has given us? yes and no. so often, we try to sail our own boat instead of on the ship God has designed. He's called us to do miraculous things and many times we chose to ignore it. i'm learning that regardless of our busy lives that is so eloquently stated "get in the way," that we must live our lives pursuing God and His kingdom. live a life that glorifies God. live a life worth remembering. live a life continually pursuing dreams. live a life wide awake.