Tuesday, March 24, 2009


what is it that fuels us? what is it that fuels us as christians? what is holding us back? temptation? lust? greed? when we are passionately in love with God, He is going to take us places. be prepared. sometimes it doesn't look like a promising path, it might be difficult, but continue to follow God. do not be conformed to the world, but be transformed and renewed because when we stay conformed, it's hard to hear God's voice... distant. ask yourself, what's Christ's goal for my life? there is a goal. don't let your past get in the way. let go of the mentality that "your past is holding you back." past's should not dictate our lives and keep us held captive. instead, we are called to let go of our past, however painful, and keep our eyes focused on what is ahead and to come. when we begin focusing on who we are to become, it is not about the title at all. instead, it's about who are we becoming in Christ's eyes...our character. we need to lay aside immaturity...this is key. do you want wisdom? are you passionate about getting wisdom? have a teachable spirit, don't walk with pride, but instead hold your head high with humility. be excited for the good doings in other people's lives. be cautious of the people you surround yourself with. make sure you have people that will keep your accountable and constantly on check. now, this doesn't mean that since we are christians, that we are to be completely shut off from the world in our own little bubble. no. wrong. we are still called to be connected to the world. how are you ever supposed to make a difference, help the poor, help the broken-hearted if you don't connect yourself to the world? where are we at when it comes to being responsible? press on towards the goal.... this is also key. let this fuel you.