Friday, July 30, 2010

day 4

your sibling (or closest relative)

she is my grandma
she is dainty
she is my advice giver
she is caring and loving
she makes the best food
she has the energy of a 40 year old
she wears designer clothes
she constantly out shines me in wardrobe choice
her idea of gardening shoes are nordstrom bp flats
she buys a new outfit for almost every occasion- down to garage sales
she supports me
she listens
& she loves me unconditionally.

day 3

my parents

"be good to your parents, especially your mom"

these words will forever be etched into my brain. on the particular day they were spoken to me, i had been arguing with my parents, so you can imagine the effect it had on me. my grandpa was the one who said it, like he knew he only had so much time left before he passes.

i love my parents. sometimes i feel like i don't thank them enough or show them i love them enough. i'm more aware that acts of service and words of affirmation can both be given and reciprocated. so i've definitely been working on that one. i've learned to not take advantage of the time spent together, because you'll never know when it'll be the last.

like every family, ours has it's flaws. i think it's a struggle for me to not let the imperfectness go and let it define my family. but i know i should not do this.

i might've just come to that conclusion right now. wow, maybe i should blog more at 6:30am.

anyways, i'm a horrible photographer, there aren't any good pictures of the three of us on my computer. i found one, but it's all candid and they look weird. sorry mom and dad.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day 2

my crush

haha. just kidding.

aren't crushes usually the people that you secretly like but only your best friends know? you never actually get to talk to him/her, except of course that one time in fourth period when you borrowed their eraser.

if that's the case, i don't have one of those. but i do like the person i'm dating! i also have a celebrity crush, starbucks customer crush, and a "if i was 5 years younger" crush. hahah

positives: they all know i exist, except of course my celebrity crush: joseph gordon- levitt.
negatives: my starbucks customer crush just got married & there are about 15 things wrong with actually liking my "if i was 5 years younger" crush.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

day 1

My Best Friend(s)
i have really cool friends. i think the world of all of them. they are all different yet, i love them all.

Kasaundra Domen thought i was troubled. i kind of was. she took me under her wing and taught me a lot about life. i can honestly say i don't really know what my life would look like at this point without her positive influence and words that she spoke into my life. even though we argue sometimes, i love her with my whole heart. my roommate, my best friend, my sister, my family.

Randy Sinner gets on my nerves sometimes. i probably get on his nerves. he says i need work on telling stories. now that i think about it, he's really picky. nevertheless, he's been one of my better friends since the beginning of freshmen year and now we're dating. i'd like to compare our friendship to a roller coaster. a lot of ups and downs and loops, some parts make you dizzy, others make you scared, but we are finally at that part on the roller-coaster where you feel like you're on top of the world and you're no longer scared.

Sophie Gonzalez is my twin. why my twin? well, because we look almost identical and we have more than most people have in common. i would say that this is the most random friendship i have, coming out of really.. nowhere. she is one of the most amazing performers i've ever seen. and words cannot express how proud of her i am. we waited four years to be friends, we both thought the other would think we were weird. and guess what... she is weird. but i love it and her. i get really excited to see how much we will grow together. to think, we've only been official friends for some two weeks. i can only imagine what years added to that will look like.

Kate Elston doesn't like to keep in touch with me. it frustrates me a lot. and she knows it. kate, if you're reading this, text me something funny.... RIGHT NOW! we journeyed down a very rocky road together. although i probably didn't deserve her friendship, she stayed by my side and supported me. i thank her for that. i love this girl, very very much. she has a really cool tattoo and she dresses really well too. i want her boots. and she has an absolutely incredible voice. why are all my friends talented?

Lauren Foronda is my longest friend. we have been next door neighbors since preschool. her mom calls me their third daughter. she also makes me filipino food. we've literally been through it all together. this girl will always be one of the most important people in my life, even if we go days or weeks without talking. we seem to always pick up where we left off. this fall will be the first time we don't all live in temple city and it's going to be a weird adjustment. but i just think, we've been friends since preschool, why stop now?

Nate Martinez likes to grow ugly beards. i tell him to shave them off. he doesn't listen to me. nate is probably my most missed friend right now. i haven't seen him in some fifty days. he's the support car driver for the Connect for the CURE boys cycling across america. nate gives impeccable advice and i hold him close to my heart. being around him and his mexican family makes me feel like i'm at home. i love it. nate come home so we can watch the bachelor pad together.

stay tuned

just like Sophie, i can become a bandwagon blogger. oh well, such as life. at least i'm not a bandwagon yankee fan.

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