Tuesday, August 3, 2010

day 5

your dreams:

i've been procrastinating on day 5.
i have a lot of dreams.
i think i have BIG dreams, with a lot of little dreams intertwined.
before anything else, i want always make sure i'm living out the life God has called for me. that's to be around people, talking to them and helping them through their struggles and problems that life throws their way.

1. i began with medicine. however, when someone practically thinks the word "needle", i just about feint. i figured it wouldn't be the best to pass out on a patient. kekeke. this is why i chose the field of psychology.

i want to work with adolescent aged male and females. growing up is tough, i get it. i know, i've so been there, experiencing so much that someone my age shouldn't have to go through. thus, me wanting to help people like me. if that makes sense. it does to me.

short term goal: involve myself in either a high school or hospital. both have a lot of significance to me.
end goal: PhD and open up my own clinical practice.

2. i also want to work on broadway.
theatre is probably my first love. everything about it.

my dream is to stage manage on broadway. i fell in love doing that in high school and i don't want to ever close that door.

i love the feeling that because of ME, the show is going on right now. stage managing is such hard work.

i was really determined to be a good stage manager, so every night during musical season, i'd sit on my bed, read that enormous binder with cast notes, tech notes, the script, the orchestra music, and so on. i would just learn everything. cover to cover. i would go through the script and imagine the musical and just practice everything i had to do

i was given such an honorable position. i didn't want to take it for granted. i wanted to be the very very best i could of been. and i believe i did.

i know, call me a "nerd." it doesn't matter to me. :D